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Dedicated time to THINK, PLAN & EXECUTE among like-minded women.


LOCATION: To Be Announced


I created this space because it’s what I needed! Being an entrepreneur can be very isolating AND it can be hard to shift from DOING your business to GROWING your business. Sometimes, to see your way forward, you just need a clear head, an empty to-do list and the company of like-minded entrepreneurs/dreamers. This retreat is the escape you need to figure out/work on/build whatever is next for you.

It will give you structured work time to think, plan and execute your ideas. Other attendees will be the same as you and different from you in various ways, and there will be time to work both alone and together.

The Power* Love* Sound Mind* Creative Retreat is a space for women to come together to work individually and collectively to meet their goals.

Join us in 2023!

(Exact days, TBD)

Friday, 9:30a-5:30p
Saturday, 9:30a-5p
Sunday, 9:30a-1p

What's included?

  • Time away from your day-to-day work!
  • 2.5-day agenda of structured and unstructured work time and community building
  • Access to 20 smart, motivated and ambitious women to work alongside and with whom to give/receive feedback
  • Pre-work worksheet and guidance for planning your work time
  • Goal and intention setting call (and/or call recording)
  • Strategic plan template
  • Slack channel community (before, during and after the retreat)
  • Daily catered lunch
  • Snacks & water/soda
  • Branded Lilacs on York swag

Make Time

Get the time you need… alone & with others who know your path.

To Think

Work without distractions and unleash your creative potential.

And Plan

Make your vision a reality… create plans and next steps on the spot!

The Application Process

We have an application process instead of open registration—not to exclude—only to ensure that everyone in the room has aligned goals and motivations. The application is simple. You identify a few details about your business/project and what you’re hoping to get from the retreat. If THIS retreat isn’t right for you, we’ll let you know other options for how you can engage with a different retreat when you’re at a different stage of your journey.

The steps below outline what you can expect once you click the button to apply!


APPLY HERE. Be prepared to answer a short survey, including sharing a short video (three minutes or less) to introduce yourself and share why the retreat feels important at this stage of your journey.


We will be reviewing applications and inviting participants to register on a rolling basis.  The sooner you submit this application, the sooner we will review it! Expect to hear a response within 3 business days of submitting the application.


REGISTER TO JOIN US! Those who are a good fit for the space will be invited to register and pay. You can pay all at once or in two or three installments, depending on when you register.

Early Bird Registration


Payment plans available!




Payment plans available!

Who is this retreat for?

Women who are full-time or aspiring entrepreneurs and/or those who need to give focused time to a new or existing creative venture. You also enjoy collaborative thinking AND are able to do focused work in the same room with others.

Where are they in their journey?

They are in a variety of places in their work… what they have in common is that they need dedicated time to think, plan and execute to take whatever step is right for them. Participants are often at one of three stages in their thinking: STEP BACK & SCALE, IDEATION and/or EXECUTION, TIGHTEN & REFINE.

What are the retreat's goals and objectives?

There are three overarching goals. The retreat is structured so that you will:

  1. Walk away with an actionable plan to meet your identified business/personal/creative goal
  2. Feel empowered to take the right next step
  3. Feel like a connected part of a new community

For each stage a business owner might be in, there are subgoals:

+ STEP BACK & SCALE: Use what you accomplish to LEVEL UP

+ IDEATION: Use what you accomplish to CLARIFY your vision

+ TIGHTEN & REFINE: Use what you accomplish to STRATEGIZE the right next step

What is the schedule?

The retreat is two full days (Friday and Saturday from 9:30am–5:30pm) and one half-day (Sunday, 9:30am–1pm). Our schedule for that time will be a mix of three things: 1) unstructured work blocks where you can get quiet and do focused work and/or strategize with others; 2) structured roundtables for sharing ideas and giving/getting feedback; and 3) networking and community building. You can move and flex within the suggested schedule to meet your own needs, taking advantage of whatever works best for you in this moment!

When would I arrive and depart? Where should I stay?

Get into town in time to be ready to go on Friday morning at 9:30am. If you’re nearby, fly or drive in early in the morning if you like. If not, get in on Thursday evening and get a good night’s rest before we begin. We’ll be done by 1pm on Sunday, and since we’ll be very close to the airport, you could do a flight home as early as 3pm.

We’ll send our Atlanta logistics guide (details about the venue and accommodation/transportation/food recommendations) to those who register to attend. You’ll have it in plenty of time to make good decisions about your time in Atlanta!

Are meals provided?

Full lunches will be provided on all three days. There will also be snacks, drinks and water available in our workspace through the whole retreat.

If I can't be there in person, can I join virtually?

Not this time! We are focusing on curating a warm, safe, productive space for us to grow together in person. There will be other virtual retreats throughout the year.

What's your refund policy?

There are no refunds for any reason, and since everyone who attends will have been selected because of their application, registrations are non-transferable.

What should I plan to wear?

Dress is casual.

How are you thinking about COVID precautions?

All attendees will need to submit a negative COVID test taken within 48 hours of the retreat in order to attend.

There are no refunds and registration cannot be transferred to another participant. Your purchase is final.

Email us! support@lilacsonyork.com

From Past Participants

I’m most grateful for utilizing the Goal Setting & Workspace doc to help me determine next steps for my personal business. During the dedicated work blocks, I built out a rough client schedule for 2023 and started an outline for updated pricing of my services.”

D. Mansinon-Salazar

I really liked having the reflection guide ahead of time. The layout and the questions helped me focus and align on what was most important to focus on during the 2 days. I appreciate those types of resources and I’ve found myself referring back to it since I’ve come home.

R. Tedder

It was able to solidify my next step. I realized that there was a lot that I wanted to start now but in talking with the other participants, all of those things did not directly relate to my goals in this phase of my business.


T. Harris

The retreat was very useful to block out time for digging deep into work that I had been avoiding.

N. Ward