A Do-It-Yourself Branding Experience

Build your own logo and brand kit (colors and fonts) at a fraction of the cost—saving you time and money.

As a business owner who’s just getting started, you’re watching where every dollar goes.

But you also understand
the impact a good logo and branding
can have on your business.

DIY Design School™ meets you right where you are by leading you through the process of creating your own logo without breaking the bank. Our expert designers have carefully designed every step of the process to help you create a logo that perfectly represents your brand, without making it complicated.

Our module-based course provides a step-by-step learning experience that guides you through important concepts you need to create your own visual branding.

Each module begins with the video from Alison, Lilacs on York’s Founder/Principal. It will help you preview the concepts of that module and know what pitfalls to avoid.


Ever wish you had a friend who was a graphic designer? Well, now you’ve got one.

I’m a creative soul and designer who also has an unique eye for design & operations, strategy &  organization. Because I know that’s a unique combination, this project brings it all together so you can get your branding done through clear, simple steps in only a few weeks.

Oh, and I’ve been doing this a long time, so I know what I’m talking about.

+ Graphic Design Experience: 23 years 

+ Full time entrepreneur: 3 years

+ Grew Lilacs on York from me as a solopreneur to a team of 10

+ 1/3 of our clients come back to us more than once

What’s included?

You’ve have access to valuable resources that explain common design principles AND important tips on what to avoid. To keep you on track, we’ve also included worksheets for documenting your journey.

Each module is tailored to non-designers and includes topics like:

Understanding which design tools to use

Determining the keywords that fit your business

Finding the right inspiration for your logo

Making a moodboard

Determining your color palette

Important file types and when/how you'll use each

AMAZED!! You really helped me pull all the pieces of the brand together and make it coherent. I like how you started with the big picture at the start of the process together and then took it one step at a time. For me, it was perfect.

Jen W.  //  Lilacs on York branding client

Lock in your business’ visual branding
for a fraction of the typical cost to hire a designer.

I do not have any design experience, but I do care deeply about the work I hope to do, and why I do it. Being able to share that information with Alison, and seeing my words translated into a logo and color palette was such a blessing. I am so happy about my logo and so excited to use it!

Natasha M.  // Lilacs on York branding client


Who is this for?

DIY Design School is made for entrepreneurs and business owners who want a great logo, but aren’t at the place where they want to invest in a professional designer or firm yet.

How long will this take me, realistically?

Just like most things, that’s largely dependent on the amount of thought and effort you’re willing to put into it. But we’d say the average person should put in a 8-20 hours.

Are there specific days and times I need to be available to watch the videos?

Nope! This is alllll you! Once you register, you’ll have access to all of the modules at once so you can go at your own pace.


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